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Bisnode Group
Bisnode was founded by Lars Save in 1989 (current owners: 70% Ratose and 30% Bonnier family). In 2006, the entire corporate group changed its name to Bisnode, and in 2012 major changes began to merge all affiliates in Europe under the Bisnode trademarks.

We act locally and globally

Currently, Bisnode is represented in 19 countries and is one of the leading business information providers in Europe. Our organization employs 2400 people, people who enrich our knowledge, culture, interests and skills. The fact that we are available to the local consumer is of great value to our customers. This means that we can react quickly and be flexible in solving problems. At the same time, we can, if necessary, use the muscles and resources of a larger company.
Through our strategic partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, we provide access to international information, from risk assessment, suppliers, management and compliance to targeted marketing, to CRM, sales and data integration.
The Dun & Bradstreet Global Network includes more than 300 million companies in 240 countries.

D&B collects data from 30,000 official data sources and makes up to 5 million daily updates. This makes him the leading provider of quality data worldwide.

Solutions for Your Business!

We help make wise decisions

There is always a growing amount of digital information in a changing world, some see it as an obstacle, some as an opportunity. We see an unlimited opportunity to offer our help.
Bisnode employs 2400 professionals to complete, interpret and understand the information that underpins our customers' business. Bisnode helps you simplify your daily life by providing the necessary documents and information to your customers to help you make decisions.

By using the high quality information provided by Bisnode, you can make the right choice to increase your company's or organization's revenue or potential to grow. Bisnode offers several solutions for those who need help in decision making:

How to expand your business?

How to reduce risks?

How to increase sales and accuracy in marketing?

With Bisnode solutions, you have uninterrupted access to accurate information


Bisnode ensures that all data, both ours and yours, is of high quality. By analyzing the customer base and comparing the collected and verified data from different sources, you can be sure that you have sufficient and accurate information about what you are doing as well as about the risks and opportunities.

Data quality analysis >

Bisnode ensures that data is correct and useful.

Research >

Identify and understand your target group with data-driven analysis.

Personal data >

Provides decision-making with the latest data from official sources.

Organize your database >

Improve your business by constantly updating customer base information.

Always updated data >

Access new

Company data >

Take the best decisions, knowing exactly what you are doing business with.

News for the media

Bisnode enters Latvia with acquisition of SIA Datu Serviss 03 May 2018

Press release
In order to strenghten its market position as the leading provider of European data, Bisnode expands its footprint in the Baltic region by acquiring SIA Datu Serviss Dun and Bradstrets Latvian franchise partner.