Address: Rīga, Kandavas iela 41A
Reg.num: 40103747006 2014-01-09       Active

This company has Good creditworthiness.

The Company METLAT SIA has been registered on 09.01.2014.
The status of the company is active .
The number of employees in the company in 2020 was 22. The number of employees has decreased compared to year 2019.
The net sales for 2020 were 630136 EUR. The net sales of METLAT SIA have compared to 776628 EUR in year 2019.
The profit for 2020 is 23914 EUR. The profit has compared to 58095 EUR in year 2019.
The company's activity is (NACE2: 2599) Citur neklasificētu gatavo metālizstrādājumu ražošana - Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c..
The credit rating of METLAT SIA is AA (Good Creditworthiness). The recommended credit limit is 37808 EUR.

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Highest creditworthiness

Minimal credit risk

Recommended credit limit - 9% of turnover


Good creditworthiness

Low credit risk

Recommended credit limit - 6% of turnover




Recommended credit limit - 3% of turnover